Sun 24 Jan 2021 22:15

Andrew S Medhurst

Club Treasurer



TARFC 200 Club


The competition now starts up again with the same costs as in previous years.

Changes for this year onwards are that Andrew Medhurst (current TARFC Treasurer) becomes the official Promoter for this, assisted by the club’s current Chair Mrs Jackie Coles.

As in previous years ALL funds go to help the club after Members’ winnings have been paid, the lottery’s costs are absolutely minimal covering the Annual Licence Fee only.

Membership of the 200 Club is open to ALL Club Members (over the age of 18) Senior and Junior.

There will be 5 draws per year to be held at the TARFC Board meeting in

February, April, July, September and December.

Current Draw Prizes.

First Prize £100, Second Prize £50, Third Prize £20 plus for December Only - additional prize of £500

Membership will be limited to 200 (hence 200 Club) and will be on a first come basis. At present (Jan 2021) there are fewer than 50 and prizes have been set with this in mind.

Once numbers rise to over 100 prize amounts will be reviewed.

Application for Membership should be by email to the email address below confirming that payment has been arranged. Membership will not be confirmed (and a number issued) until requisite funds are received into the account.

Membership is to be paid by a one off annual subscription of £55.00 or a standing order of £5.00 month for 12 months. Payment by Bank Transfer or Standing Order (set up by Member) to:

TSB Acct No 00625487 Sort Code 30-97-35 for credit to Torquay Athletic Rugby 200 Club.

A list of members with Membership number allocations and prize winners will be posted on the club website with a copy on the club noticeboard.

From Jan 2021 all participating members will be allocated a membership number from 1 to 200.

The club’s lottery is registered by law with Torbay Council under the Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976. This licence costs us £20 per year and also covers us re raffles etc.

Terms & Conditions

In any dispute the decision of the Promoter and the Co-Promoter will be final.

Many thanks for your support of the Club.


Andrew S Medhurst

Club Treasurer


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