Tue 23 Jun 2020 22:22

Hi members . On Saturday there will be lots of maintenance and building work going on at the club and I would love to finish all the jobs we have started. Please please if you are available and have a trade it would be awesome if we could have one last push before we attempt to open for beer and food on or after July 4th. I will be there to oil the wheels ao please pic a job from the list below and turn up with the appropriate tools and clothing.
1) 2nd Planter constructed and filled with spoil (APW)
2)Clear All Spoil and debris around the perimeter (not digging any more out)
3) Collect all the temporary barriers up and rub down ready for repainting
4)Jetwash container in prep for painting
5)Stake out and fit wooden perimeter to dug out.
6)Compact stone in dug out
Spread sand and compact in dugout
7)Set up and carry out any maintenance to picnic benches.
8)Fit battens to wall in cellar and fit insulation (electrics to be moved) (APW)
9)Clean outside Toilets
10) Snag stand and highlight rough areas to sand down.

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